Spoiler Alert out now on Windows Store and Windows Phone
July 16, 2015 03:16 PM

Spoiler Alert is now out on Windows Store and Windows Phone!

For the first days of release on the Windows Store, Spoiler Alert will be free, so get it right now:

Spoiler Alert On Windows Store

On the Windows Phone version we offer a trial that gives you the first 2 worlds for free with no time limit. So try it before you buy it, just like the olden days!

Spoiler Alert On Windows Phone

This brings Spoiler Alert's availability to platforms up to 6! Yes - Steam (Windows/Mac/Linux), Appstore, GooglePlay, Amazon, Windows Store and Windows Phone!

But of course, that is still not good enough. We are commited to bringing the spicy adventure to all platforms we can. In the coming months we'll have news for some of you console owners out there - so if you're one of them - stay tuned.

All right, weekend is almost here - enjoy!