1 month, 4 games.

This was the mission of "1 Month of Games" - a challenge for one single developer to make 4 different games over the course of 1 month - with a new game released every single week. These are small, simplistic games made for fun.

All 4 games are available below.

Bubble Wobble

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Bubbles... Bubbles with monsters. Red ones, green ones, blue ones... They all have a home they need to go to. Help them get there by popping their bubble cage and get them to their homes.


  • Endless skill based game

  • Weekly, daily and alltime top 100 leaderboards

  • Ridicilously simple to pick up, ridicilously hard to top the leaderboard

Released: September 14, 2015

Dodgement Day

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You are trapped in a small room, in which an endless supply of evil, bouncing balls keeps popping out to get you.
You have no choice but to keep moving to avoid the increasing madness.
How long will you survive Dodgement Day?
See how you fare against other players in the online leaderboard!


  • Intense, adrenaline filled gameplay

  • Simple to play, difficult to master

  • In-game online leaderboard for competitive play

Released: September 21, 2015

Heavy Ninja

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Heavy Ninja can't lift himself off the ground, so you need to lift him by doing jumps and double jumps. See just how far even a heavy ninja can go.


  • Endless runner

  • Online scoreboard

  • Simple 1-tap gameplay

Released: September 28, 2015

Wheel Bear

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Wheel Bear is the coolest bear on the island, and he's eating flying fish all day long. A rather short day of a total of 2 minutes. How many fish can Wheel Bear eat in a day? Compete online!


  • Steering a unicycle has never been this easy!

  • Compete for highest score online

  • The game never ends

Released: October 5, 2015